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Axe has long been helping men get, um, ahead in the mating game. Create: So, where exactly did this idea for a pheromone-laced business card come from?The Axe Effect is well established as the moment when a young man douses himself in scenty product and women swoon, appear in hordes, abandon responsibility, or otherwise lose their wits. While its marketing is infamous, the latest from Axe leverages the face-to-face time its associates have while doing their work, turning business encounters into yet another moment in which Axe can be the facilitator of overwhelming attraction. By enhancing each associate’s business card with their own pheromones. Pheromones are “presumed.”)Wanting–needing–to get the dirt on this most unusual idea, we consulted Sub Nijjar, partner and president of Union, the Toronto-based agency behind this, inspiring (perspiring? Sub Nijjar: The idea is really just a natural result of our agency’s drive to extend the Axe experience to every touch point for the brand.Other important questions may or may not come up: How are we preventing pregnancy? Unfortunately those important questions may be less likely to come up the more you both drink.

But if Rousey is our evidence, then the proof is in the pudding: She's 12-0.They’re certainly not as powerful as male goat pheromones, which can cause female goats to ovulate on the spot.But there is preliminary evidence that suggest that pheromones have an effect on human attraction.ever, as based on each song's performance on the Billboard Hot 100 chart (from August 4, 1958 -- the inception of the Hot 100 chart -- through the Jan. Some songs are steamy slow-jams, some are hi-octane arena-rockers, but what they all have in common (and what got them on this list) is that the subject matter of each song is directly related to sex, in some way. Songs are ranked based on an inverse point system, with weeks at No. But on Monday the 36-year-old stunner seemed back to her old ways of flashing the flesh in leather as she wore a skimpy outfit to meet friend Jonathan Cheban for lunch at Chin Chin in the Studio City neighborhood of Los Angeles.


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