Steve o and trishelle dating

When she was 14, her mother died from a brain tumor.

Cannatella was on several athletic teams throughout her high school career at South Lafourche High School.

Her mother died of a brain tumor when she was just 14 years old, and she moved on to engage in athletic teams during her high school years at South Lafourche High School.

She later moved on to major in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in English at the University of Southern Mississippi.

She accepted, but perceived the questions she was asked during the audition process to be part of an attempt by the producers to cast her as the stereotypical racist and homophobic southern cast member, and later, in light of the questions they asked about her religion, as the "holy roller". During her stay, she and her roommates worked in the hotel and clubs.

Jackass Steve-O took a page from the Michael Richards book-o-laffs and called himself -- not the audience -- the n-word during his act.

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Trishelle Cannatella (born November 4, 1979) is an American reality TV contestant, Playboy model, and actress, known for her appearances on the MTV reality television series The Real World: Las Vegas, and the Real World spinoff show The Challenge.Cannatella was born on November 4, 1979, and raised in Cut Off, Louisiana. She was raised as a Southern Baptist, and has described herself as a "momma's girl".Her mother, a devout Christian, took her family to church three or four times a week.Brynn Smith, Trishelle Cannatella, Alton Williams, Steven Hill, Frank Roessler, Arissa Hill and Irulan Wilson all agreed to have their lives taped as they hooked up, partied the night away at Rain nightclub and had some explosive blowouts just off the strip. So, you know, if you go to the doctor over here, you might even see me. Trishelle: I think that people are a lot more aware of what they're doing, and the potential for celebrity after. We already told you Brynn's side of the story when it comes to the show's legendary hot tub threesome -- check that out right here -- now see what fellow menage-a-trois participant Trishelle says in our chat with her below. Trishelle: I’m not, because it’s such a cool format. Trishelle: It just brings out something different in people. It's crazy because, obviously, I knew that it was a reality show I was filming, but I didn't think about that while I was there. Brynn had wrote me on Facebook not too long ago, but she's so busy, she has a bunch of kids. Steve-O and beautiful "Real World" Nurse Trishelle, after their Laugh Factory gig last night.


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