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Around the same time, Reid was remodeling her kitchen, and her home was littered with Echos.

(Alexa, the voice technology, was first housed in a tall cylindrical speaker called the Echo; currently, Alexa also lives inside the Tap, a portable speaker, and the Dot, a short cylindrical speaker.) When a painter visited Reid's place, she quickly hid one Echo in a kitchen drawer—but the gadget hadn't gone through speech-recognition boot camp yet, so the tiniest noise could have "woken up" Alexa.

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Reid joined the Alexa team as director in 2014, when it was still a top-secret project in Amazon's hardware division, Lab 126.

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If Reid had acknowledged that there was a small robot in her kitchen, it could have led to a leak of massive proportions.

Alexa officially launched in 2015, and ever since, it's been hard to escape her.


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