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One of the most popular words they use is ‘shechema’, which means - my brother. If you are a tourist and see a group of boys dressed in black and talking in a loud voice, you can be pretty certain that they are dzveli bichebi.There can be many subgroups of dzveli bichebi on one street, and every one of them tries to prove to the world that they are the most powerful. They like to imagine that they “own” the streets of Tbilisi.But this was mostly during the turbulent 1990s, when Georgia was a chaotic and mostly lawless jungle.Nowadays, these boys sit on street corners, or park benches, smoking, eating Semichka (sunflower seeds), and talking about anything that comes to mind.Dzveli bichi The dzveli bichi or literally (old boy) is a species of man that has lived a somewhat darker existence.At one time, the dzveli bichi could steal and kill in order to survive.Just like in any other country, the people that live in Georgia are diverse.Georgians come from a variety of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, and possess a range of ideals and values. So without further ado, here is an unofficial, light-hearted guide to the various types of men you might stumble across as a tourist or in your love life.

In fact, “uninitiated” is just what your sex life will be if you don’t learn the unique ins-and-outs (no pun there at all) of dating in the A.When in doubt, just follow the trail of sunflower seed shells that often litter the ground where they have been.When it comes to dating, they only choose girls that they truly love. They are frequently involved in a kind of conflict between two households, similar to Romeo and Juliet.They are not shy to come to me as strangers and start to talk, ask me out for drink, number, Facebook or whatever.I was not used to such an attention in Czech Republic.To be honest I have been thinking about writing an article like this since the first month of living in Tbilisi.


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