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Welcome to Dating, a site dedicated to bringing our visitors the most up-to-date site rankings in many different categories as well as the best advice for dating and relationships.Our desire is for this website to become more than just your average advice and review site but rather to be a unique experience for all of our readers, which we truly believe that is already is.This has definitely been a labor of love and it means so much to us to hear all of your kind words. We would LOVE to hear your thoughts about what your FAVORITE feature(s) are AND what NEW feature(s) you would love to see added to Marriage Club in the future. With teacher appreciation happening at schools all over, I thought this one was perfectly timed to wrap up my autism awareness series. I can’t express enough the gratitude I have for the people who have surrounded him over the years. I’d miss getting a phone call from a mother who is coming home from the doctor’s office after her child is diagnosed with autism.As mentioned throughout my A word series, J’s therapists, teachers, aides, etc have been *vital* throughout our journey. I’d miss hearing the tremble in her voice and knowing there was something I could do to help.Many of the families that we work with are forced to have one parent stop working and stay at home full time, helping the therapy team implement programs, balance medications and wear the teacher-therapist-counselor- I started working with children with autism five years.

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*TIP: When printing, make sure you select “fit to page.” Also, the eye holes are sized for young children.

If you have a small family, each person will get to play multiple roles OR just invite all the cousins, grandchildren, and/or neighbors over and make a whole event out of it. Yep, the Sing AStory gals are sharing TWO different versions for you to choose from.

For a quick and easy option, just print our colored masks.

We taught the first child I worked with how to ride a bike, use the bathroom, and eventually hold a conversation.

I would leave work at night feeling like I made a difference, and I would wake up in the morning excited about the opportunities ahead.


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