Gentoo config files in etc need updating

So imagine that you’re being prompted by each item on this procedure in order without any limitations on your ability to do whatever you want in the ordinary Linux way. To use Gentoo, you really have to know what you’re doing.

Fortunately, since that’s a requirement by design, there is a lot of excellent help out there.

You do need to choose between SQLite and Postgresql though. It may be a good idea to set this in /etc/portage/package.use, such as: * The 'vhosts' USE flag is switched ON * This means that Portage will not automatically run webapp-config to * complete the installation.

Gentoo needs that the /usr/src/linux symbolic link points to the kernel source being used used.

emerge zoneminder zoneminder, automatically this will also install apache2 mysql and php When emerge is done, last few lines on the console will show how to modify /etc/and how to prepare the mysql database.

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Then I realized that I had incidentally written such a script on a piece of paper in the form of these notes.makes it easy to retrieve and update overlays for Gentoo.In addition it makes it TRIVIAL to break your system.The portage automatically updates the symbolic link, but you must manually configure the symlink flag in the /etc/configuration file..Alternatively, it is possible to use the app-admin/eselect package to change the symbolic link.To ensure the security of your system you MUST read the source of the ebuild you are about to install. You will usually NOT need to explicitly specify this option.


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