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Thank you for a very Happy Birthaversariakkah handsome Husband and loving family. I got up early to make chocolate fudge dreidles with the mold we got as a gift from my younger sister, boo.

We’ll make brownies later with the other molds she sent. Whenever I cook for the Jewish holidays it makes me think of my mom, especially when I make chopped liver. She used a hand grinder to combine the liver and eggs and onions.

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Along with making corrections or adding to what’s already listed, please let us know in a comment about any eateries in your neck of the woods on Oahu that’s since closed down.

Please note all the details you’re aware of, including location, year established and closed, your personal memories of said business(es), such as what was their most popular dish, feature, etc., and what’s currently in their former spot.

Note, if the establishment you remember was more focused as a bar or nightclub than restaurant, see this list: Oahu Bars & Nightclubs Memorialized Let’s enjoy reminiscing them good ‘ole Kaukau days on Oahu!

The school day begins at AM and ends at PM everyday.

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School fees (.00 cash or check payable to Kaimuki High School) should be paid in the main office.

2011 marked our fourth wedding anniversary, among other things. This year, not only did we celebrate what we have come to call our Birthaversary, but we added in the 7th night of Chanukkah, making it a Birthaversariakkah. It took almost four hours to plod up and down the ridge, across the gulch and slosh through the 5 miles of muddy trail.

There are two very special days on the calendar when I get to choose the family activity without absolutely no input from, or consideration of, anybody else: Mother’s Day and my Birthday. We went to Aiea Loop Trail where my husband proposed 5 years ago. But it offers beautiful views of Pearl Harbor and the Tetsuo Harano tunnel on H3, the usual benefits of the great outdoors and nice memories of the day he stopped us at the side of the path and, with a rainbow in the background, asked me to marry him. Once again, it was the perfect hike and the perfect day.

Student fees should be paid in the Main Office by the end of August; cash or check (payable to Kaimuki High School): Class Dues: .00School fees: .00Optional Fees: Sports Activity Book: .00Year Book: .00Class Shirts are available in the Student Activities Center: Freshmen: .00Sophomores: .00Juniors: .00Seniors: .00 Wednesday, September 6, 2017, - , Front of School The KHS Student Government, in cooperation with the Blood Bank of Hawaii is seeking donors for their Blood Drive #1.

Donors must be in good health, and present a valid photo ID at the time of donation.


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