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The younger woman instantly asked me how old my children were and what their names were.

When I didn’t answer her about the names, she retorted “what, you don’t know their names?

It allowed my daughter the opportunity to grow and learn in an environment where she could just be whomever she wanted to be.

Seeing the joy on her face in the pictures and when we picked her up was priceless.

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First and most importantly, my son had lots of fun and made new friends.

Both were so close, I could have put my arm around either of them.

I was wearing my son and had my 2 year old daughter in the cart.

” She asked my daughter her name, and when she didn’t reply, she said “that’s ok, she doesn’t have to tell me right now.” She continued to ask me about my children. Every alarm in my body was going off that something wasn’t right about this situation.

In the Davis household, two toddlers live in a world of dolls and playtime, and their parents Tyler and Arianna try their hardest to keep it that way.


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